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Agenda Items - Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Agenda review/revise

iProgram Class Listings
Setting Logistics (Location, Date, Time) - How's it going?
1-Include the famis numbers in their revision (I think that would help participants in their Famis registration efforts).
2-Here is the language change for all offerings: DESCRIPTION OF THE COURSE HERE: Please check here to see if your school is exempt from payment. If your school is on this list, you are not required to pay for the course in FAMIS. Any school not on this list must submit a payment through FAMIS for confirmation of registration. Famis Item #(s)INDICATED HERE.
3-Second Eyes to PD Catalogue which will be emailed this afternoon.

PD Protocol Documents (
Review how to do SurveyMonkey and Analyze Results

Director Meeting - Review Minutes (Column E)
Meeting Overview

PD Rubric (
Confirm agreed upon minimum enrollment
When minimum is not met participants receive a class cancellation letter.
-Valrie Edwards is composing a draft for approval
Service Template Approval and Population - Process is being revamped by Troy and Teri
Status of Material Creation for Web i.e. Facilitator Agenda, Participant Agenda, resources, & (PP, Blog, and/or Wiki)
Blog/Wiki creation status - Jim/Amy - Will present at January Meeting

iHire -
-Missing candidates
-Position descriptions updates
-iProgram specific questions

Items for Future Agendas
-Process Refinement Ideas
--Place everything in the Services Template database and that will populate iSite, Famis Spreadsheet
--Still to be populated are BIT Calendar, ProTraxx
-Material Creation
-Standardizing website population with PD
-Review Evaluations
-Summer Planning
-2008 Planning
-2009 Planning

Future Meetings
-Every Tuesday con call from 3-4
-Last Tuesday of each month onsite