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Agenda Items - Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Agenda review/revise

Director Meeting

Communications Submitted
Recurring Communication

OIT Website
Status - Amy
-Is there a place that participants who want info about future classes can sign? Yes. This should be collaborated with marketing team and email campaign.
-Instructional technology news and info gathering for OITLIve and potential OIT eNewsletter.
--Possibly set up account on for easy data gathering into one location by email for all staff of OIT to contribute.

PD Protocol Docs (
Survey Evaluation (
-Satisfaction number ( (
--How does neutral affect it?
-Ensure the correct survey is used.
--Must begin with iProgram
Yearly PD Report uxHJ7Ga7C5pMPMBnmOn2LQ
-Thoughts, feedback, reaction
PD Summary Sheet
Sign in

Tech Liaison Meetings
-Standardizing Borough Tech Liaison Meetings Naming Convention
--iCoach: Bronx Tech Liaison Meeting
---Reason: Single search on back end for iProng activities. Without the iProng at the beginning, it could be lost when attempting to capture all activities for the the prong/borough
-What are we doing each month? How is it being shared?
Tabula Digita can present: Contact Steven Hoy at

OIT Consultation
Recording On-site Consultation in ProTraxx
Needs standardization
All 5 iPrograms need to be represented and measured
-We need an assessment/rubric so we can see:
--Where they are (within the lens of each iProgram)
--Growth Plan (within iPrograms)
--Growth achieved after implementing plan
Question: Is this different from the iLead consultation?

iHire - uxHJ7Ga7C5r7QjbxsQR2YQ
-Submitting candidates for Troy's approval (Positions Tab: Columns H-J)
-Missing candidates
-Position descriptions updates
-iProgram specific questions
-Resume review
-Keeping data intact/sorting

Location (
-Are these all up-to-date?
Booking Contact Information:
Phone Number:
Booking Instructions:
Instructions for Site Managers:
Training Center Protocols:
Nearby eating establishments/menus
Did you review Central as an example?
-Does everyone have clear booking instructions?

-OIT Slogan Contest
-End-of-year celebration
-Sponsor various instruc. tech. competitions (i.e Podcasting, Videocasting, Powerpoint) for students and teachers
-Ideas for increasing participation in PD
-OIT Holiday E-card to Principals
-Flyers for January PD

iProgram Updates (Course Coordinator Issues/Concerns)
iLearn: Tabula Digita
-Lessons Learned:
--Buses can't leave schools until about 9 and arrive about 10 at locations. Buses depart site by 1.
--Helpful to encourage excitement about math and create students who are high math achievers

Items for Future Agendas
-OIT Consultation Standardization
-Class submission process refinement ideas
--Place everything in the Services Template database and that will populate iSite, Famis Spreadsheet
--Still to be populated are BIT Calendar, ProTraxx
-Material Creation
-Standardizing website population with PD
-Review Evaluations
-Summer Planning
-2008 Planning
-2009 Planning

Future Meetings
-Every Tuesday con call from 3-4
-Last Tuesday of each month onsite

Follow Up Items/Next Steps
-Recording of Council Calls?

Additional Agenda Items