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Class Name: 21st Century Teacher Development Tools
Class Coordinator: Crystal Lindsay
Class Developer/Creator: Jacquii Leveine/Steve D'Agustino
Class Facilitator(s): Steve D'Agustino, Shelley Burt, Jacquii Leveine
Class Days/Dates: Tuesday Oct. 16
Class Time: 9am - 4pm
Class Objective(s):
  1. To provide participants with a common language of instructional practices.
  2. To provide standardized toolkits for Instructional Technology Specialists.
  3. To support push-in professional development.
Class Description:
Encapsulates the essence of coaching: conducting articulations, creating growth plans for the beginner, intermediate and advanced teacher; demonstrating effective push-in support strategies, and professional development models.
Practical Application:
Participants will be able to administer and support push-in professional development models for beginning, intermediate and advanced teachers. Participants will understand how to conduct informal articulation meetings, and follow articulations up with directed, collaborative and self-directed growth plans.


Part I

8:30AM - 9AM: Breakfast

9AM - 10AM:
Group Assignment: Case Studies and Coach Observation Reports

10AM - 10:15PM: Break

10:15AM - 11AM: Share-Out
: Debrief Case Studies
  • Share the results of the Observation Report with entire group (10 minutes/group)
  • Facilitator populates the Coaching Protocols Form during the debriefing session

11AM - 12PM: Prepare Role Plays

12PM - 1PM: Lunch

Part II

1PM - 2:30PM: Share-Out - Role Plays
  • Select two group members from each group to re-enact the growth plan conference. (5 minutes/group)
  • Discuss follow-up procedures by reviewing the appropriate growth plan review templates.
  • Debrief and populate the Behaviors Protocol Form

2:30PM - 2:45PM: Break

2:45PM - 3:30PM: Next Steps

3:30PM - 4PM: Evaluation


SURVEY: Please click on this link to today's survey.