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Notice to Participants who fail to attend or withdraw from a workshop in which they enroll...

The New York City Department of Education's Office of Instructional Technology expects participants to attend any professional development for which they have registered. Participants who do not fulfill their commitment to attend classes for which they enroll results in our office having to turn away others who are interested in attending classes and results in a large financial loss to our office as we must hold additional classes to accommodate those participants who were denied a spot as a result.

We understand extreme or unexpected emergencies may come up and we expect that participants will withdraw from a class which they can not attend using the "enrollment management" tool. If an extreme or unexpected emergency has resulted in your inability to attend a class and you are interested in participating in additional classes you may email to inform us of your reason for absence. After reviewing your request you will receive an email informing you if you have permission to attend future classes offered by our office. If permission is granted, you may register for a future class.

Thank you.

OIT Training