Returned to 1-8-08 Council Agenda

Date: January 8, 2008
Time: 9:00 - 4:00
Location: Court Square

Bronx: Shelley Burt
North Brooklyn: Valrie Edwards
Manhattan: Amy Reynolds
Staten Island/So Bro: Jim McDermott
Queens: Mitch Barlas
Central: Lisa Nielsen/Christine Mazza



Review Agenda and Meeting Goals

  • Within Council
  • With Directors
Future Meetings
  • Every Tuesday con call from 2:00-3:30
  • Last Tuesday of each month
PD Documentation (
  • Monthly PD Summary
    • Review supporting PD documentation.
    • Required supporting PD documentation submitted by: Central and iCoach
    • In subtitle add district and level (if applicable)
  • Evaluation Feedback? Questions? Understanding of capturing info with filters and survey results?
iHire -


Conversation with Troy
ProTraxx Protocol Review

Material Creation
Standardizing OIT Consultation
  • Question: Is this different from the iLead consultation?
  • What can each Course Coordinator bring back to the council to share tools they are using for OIT Consultation?
  • What are the tools and process that will be used for OIT Consultations? Consider:
    • 1-Where is the school now?
      • How would each iProgram assess/measure a school through their lens i.e.
        • iLearn – How do we measure/assess the 21 st Century student?
        • iTeach – How do we measure/assess the 21st Century teacher?
        • iCoach – How do we measure/assess the 21st Century Coach/Staff developer providing instructional technology support?
        • iLead – How do we measure/assess the 21st Century leader
        • iSite – How do we measure/asses the use of online tools, support, collaboration?
        • iSupport – How do we measure/assess the hardware and support in a school? Question-should DIIT participate?
      • Can we create an assessment through the iPrograms lens that gives school an Instructional Technology ranking in each area and a total score?
    • 2-Where can the school go?
      • Growth Plan
    • 3-Where has the school gone?
      • Measuring Growth
        • Can we measure/assessment feed into a growth plan that correlates with support each iProgram offers i.e. recommended classes, follow up consultation?
        • How will we measure growth after the plan has been provided and implemented? Can we use the assessment/rubric again to measure growth? When do we recommend follow up for a growth assessment? Yearly?

Location (
If no, time scheduled for Christine to assit

Staten Island






OIT Communications
  • Additional communication to submit for approval
  • Determine process for PW submissions on Monday
OIT Website
  • Update
iProgram Updates (Course Coordinator Issues/Concerns/Lessons Learned)
Items for Future Agendas
  • Class submission process refinement ideas
    • Place everything in the Services Template database and that will populate iSite, Famis Spreadsheet
    • Still to be populated are BIT Calendar, ProTraxx
  • Review Evaluations
  • Planning
    • Summer Planning
    • 2008 Planning
    • 2009 Planning
Follow Up Items/Next Steps