Consultation Documents

OIT iProgram Consultation - This document pulls together components from all consultations and views OIT consultations through the iProgram Lens (iLead, iCoach, iTeach, iLearn, iSite, iSupport). Note: This is a Google Doc.
Classroom Visitation Rubric - Rubric for a principal or coach to use when visiting classrooms
Technology User Survey.doc (tech comfort - self assessment)
Classroom Observation Recording Sheet.doc
Evaluation - OIT Consultation Evaluation for schools to complete regarding their satisfaction with our work.


from iSite

from iCoach



Staten Island
iLead Consultation Spreadsheet (Note: You must be logged in to Google to view)
Principal General Interview Questions.doc
Sample Tech Plan - SI

- For teachers

Troy's Questions to consider about consultations:

What are the tools and process that will be used for OIT Consultations? Consider:

1-Where is the school now?
How would each iProgram assess/measure a school through their lens i.e.
  • iLearn – How do we measure/assess the 21st Century student?
  • iTeach – How do we measure/assess the 21st Century teacher?
  • iCoach – How do we measure/assess the 21st Century Coach/Staff developer providing instructional technology support?
  • iLead – How do we measure/assess the 21st Century leader?
  • iSite – How do we measure/assess the use of online tools, support, collaboration?
  • iSupport - How do we measure/assess school equipment and connectivity?

Can we create an assessment through the iPrograms lens that gives school an Instructional Technology ranking in each area (iLead, iCoach, iTeach, iLearn, iSite, iSupport) and a total score?

2-Growth Plan
  • Looking through the lens of the iPrograms where can the school go in each iProgram (iLead, iCoach, iTeach, iLearn, iSite, iSupport)?

3-Measuring Success - Where has the school gone?
  • Measure growth using the iProgram lens (iLead, iCoach, iTeach, iLearn, iSite, iSupport).
  • Can we measure/assessment feed into a growth plan that correlates with support each iProgram offers i.e. recommended classes, follow up consultation?
  • How will we measure growth after the plan has been provided and implemented?
  • Can we use the assessment/rubric again to measure growth?
  • When do we recommend follow up for a growth assessment? Yearly? Bi-annually?