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  1. Find the courses you are reviewing below.
  2. Use the to evaluate the class.
  3. Rename the Rubric as follows: Course Name Rubric.
  4. Review the Rubric and approve or disapprove based on the rubric key in the Rubric.
    Note: The Rubric will automatically calculate to indicate if the class is approved/disapproved. You only fill in 5 numbers and 5 comments.
  5. Post the rubric below in the approved or disapproved section within one week of receiving assignment.
    Note: Do not change the file format from Excel to other formats.
  6. Indicate the date the rubric was completed.

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Cc: Bracco Winnie; cazoula; feaster Barbara; Lindsay crystal; Sciandra Allison; jhendrix; tfischer; cmazza4

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