iTeach/iLearn (iTiL)


The Office of Instructional Technology has embarked on an initiative to deploy equipment and professional development to support schools in using 21st Century tools to enhance teaching and learning. The program was launched in 22 schools beginning in the Summer of 2005 and has expanded beyond the 22 schools into iTeach/iLearn CityWide and iTeach-LITE.

iTeach/iLearn Pilot

The Office of Instructional Technology is deploying laptops and professional development to iTiL schools from Summer 2005 – Summer 2008. Staff at iTiL schools receive professional development designed to prepare teachers to “teach” with technology and support student “learning” in a one-to-one environment.

iTeach/iLearn CityWide (iTiLCW)

A CityWide Instructional Technology Initiative
Beginning February 2007 the OIT opened the doors to it’s Court Square Technology Training Center in Long Island City where teachers throughout New York City have the opportunity to learn to use 21st Century tools and resources to enhance teaching and learning across the curriculum while improving student achievement.


The Office of Instructional Technology (OIT) conducted the iTeach – Learning Instructional Technology Enhancements (iT-LITE) technology grant for Intermediate Schools within the NYCDOE. Each iT-LITE school received one laptop, one LCD projector and 12 hours (2 days) of professional development. The designated school staff member who participated in iT-Lite grant had the opportunity to learn to use the equipment and participate in training which was based on the iTiL curriculum, to enrich and deepen their understanding of instructional technology and its enhancement to the core content.

Status of Program:

iTeach/iLearn Pilot

iTiL has deployed approximately 1000 laptops to all 6th and 7th grade teachers and administrators in the 22 iTeach/iLearn schools. By the end of the school year, the remaining teachers and leaders will receive devices. Currently 6355 devices have been distributed to students. To date grade 6 and 7 teachers and leaders completed about 22,000 hours of professional development which translates into an average of 25 hours of instructional technology professional development per person. Grade 8 teachers are targeted for professional development this Summer 2007.

iTeach/iLearn CityWide (iTiLCW)

A CityWide Instructional Technology Initiative
The OIT has delivered 2500 hours of Professional Development to approximately 320 participants across New York City.


In Winter 2007, 95 schools were selected to participate in this initiative. Each iT-LITE school received one laptop, one LCD projector and 12 hours (2 days) of professional development. We plan to expand this initiative to high schools.

Impact assessments with student outcomes where we have them:

Hezel Associates is conducting the evaluation of the iTiL program, including an evaluation of the curriculum, leadership, implementation, and cost effectiveness. An initial qualitative curriculum review was provided in the March 2007 quarterly report. Quantitative data should be available by fall.

Instructional processes:

Services, English Language Learners, Intervention, and Special Education.

The plan takes teachers through various phases of technology integration—from using technology as a personal productivity tool to using technology as a tool to enrich teaching and learning. We recommend that teachers are comfortable with the 36 hours of “Essential” professional development offered during Out of the Box, iTeach, and iLearn classes to effectively teach in a ubiquitous computing environment. An overview of all of our offerings can be found at our website

Leaders were further supported with a four-day institute as well as ongoing monthly support in the form of conferences, keynote speakers, guest experts, collaborative meetings, and ongoing professional development.


iSite - eChalk Website

eChalk is committed to helping schools succeed by providing an online environment that supports leadership, teaching and learning. With eChalk's safe and secure environment, every school and district community member has appropriate access to event calendars, homework assignments, school board meeting minutes, online discussions, resources, student grades and other information that helps K-12 leaders to achieve their learning and instructional goals. Currently, there are 17,908 faculty, staff and student users within the iTiL project. There are 937 class pages which have been created at the 22 schools.

Best Practice Video Series

We are capturing best practices in technology integration resulting from iTiL professional development. The objective of the video is to show how teachers are using the technology tools they learned in the iTiL professional development to enhance teaching and learning. There will be a video for iLearn-Literacy, iLearn-Social Studies, iLearn-Science, and iLearn-Math. By end of the school year, these videos will be featured on our new eChalk website for use by the iTiL community.

Operational processes

We will be submitting a request for Year 2 and 3 Capital funding by the end of the school year.

Unresolved issues

Inventory system reliability.
Electrical upgrades have not been completed.

Key questions

How do we improve communication within the program?

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